Saturday, October 10, 2009

it never rains- it pours and hails and snows and floods

i have three essays due for monday.

one on:

another on:

and another on: The Awesome Kgafela oa Magogodi who once said:

at school they say she kissed

some bloodyfool. some say

she was whoring got varara

& gave it to him. some say they saw

he had coffie with a moffie

that’s where he got varara. some

say you don’t have to be a bitch

to get varara

cos she got it from some priest

& he got it at first bite

from the nun next door.

some get varara from the dance floor

some standing some lying in lovetime

making promises on futon beds. they say

varara will get us all even if you paid to get laid.

some say varara ke lekwerekwere

came galloping down

the hillbrow to eat our women. some say

varara is a white man’s lie

it comes from the west.

some think it’s best to taste the flesh.

some say you must put on the raincoat

cos varara doesn’t rain it pours, you see.

some visit masangoma

some pay white coated doctors a day

to keep varara away. some rape babies

to cheat varara.

some say you can’t police varara

it is more slippery than chauke.

they say varara is a prostitute with an attitude .

doesn’t care if you stare at its pubic hair.

some preach and teach

about varara. some prophets say varara

is the wrath of the badimo. some say

it is satan’s hand fiddling deliciously with earth’s thighs. some

say jesus will save them from varara.

some have more faith in femidom. some say

horizons are so viagra varara will not stop

til thy condom come

oh, and i want hair like this:

That is all.

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